The nursery "Les Cabris" offers daycare for young children

Our nursery welcomes and cares for your children!
We can offer you two set meals boxed for your children:

Supervised meals in the restaurant Alpina

For those children who have half day or full day group lessons 
We will bring the children together at the top of the cable car at the end of the morning group lesson at 11:30 or 12:00. We then escort them back down via the cable car to the restaurant Alpina, which is near the bottom of the cable car (gondola). The children can then enjoy their supervised meal before then being brought back at 14:15 or 15:00 and escorted to the top of the cable car to take their afternoon lesson (if applicable)

SERVICE offering :  The escort and accompanying of your children - drop off and collection service from ESF office - Champagny en Vanoise 

If you are unable to or do not have the opportunity to take your child to classes or collect afterwards from their class at the top of the cable car, we are able to do this for you as a service offering.  Drop off and collection can take place at the offices of ESF Champagny at a charge of € 10 per child per week.