general information, tips and advice

Group lessons
No booking / registration is final, the ESF reserves the right to suspend any service if the minimum number of 5 people for group lessons is not reached.
The ESF reserves the right to combine classes or change schedules and duration.

Accompanying children to the top of the cable car
If it is difficult or impossible for you to bring your children at the top of the cable car for the meeting point, we offer a support service (20 euros for the week) with a staff that can accompany your children to and from the ski school.
ESF instructors do not provide equipment for the lesson, it is your responsibility to equip yourself with suitable equipment for your selected discipline and lesson (depending on your height, weight, level, fitness ...). Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended, especially for children on the slopes (they are more vulnerable in a collision with an adult).
Please inform your instructor of any health issues or disability.  

Level change in group lessons
Our ski instructors are fully qualified and can decide on the possible change in level of your child. Respect his progress and don't try to make him a champion before his time! In case of hesitation between two levels, we prefer to enroll your child into the lowest level to make sure he/she is not in difficulty from the first lesson and if it turns out that your child has a sufficient level to pass in a the higher level, the instructor will not fail to make the change. Moreover, it is always more rewarding to "be promoted" in the higher level.
The instructors are the only one to decide regarding the groups.

General Recommendations

Please show up with your lesson card or ticket for both group or private lessons.
It can be downloaded on the app "my esf"
This ecard can be requested by the instructor at the beginning of each lesson and it should correspond to the day and time.
Each person will be given their own card.
Please arrive on time to your lesson; any delay can be accepted or postponed.
You should have a lift pass for the lesson.
Be correctly equipped.