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an ideal way to improve technique at close hand is with a Private lesson with our esf instructors.

Learn more and be coached by the best at your own pace!

A lesson tailored completely to you! Really progress rapidly with a private lesson.
Whether your child needs to gain confidence, wants to progress at their own pace or have something more focused, a private lesson with ESF is the perfect choice where you can enjoy exclusive and personalised coaching.

  • You only have 1 or 2 hours? We recommend a private lesson!
  • Perhaps you have 2 or more hours, a half day or maybe a full day? We recommend to hire an instructor 
Let us at ESF Champagny de Vanoise be your host! Perhaps we can propose a schedule of activities for you and your family? Please contact the office and we can check availability and discuss your requirements in more detail.

CHRISTMAS: FROM 22/12/2018 TO 05/01/2019
EASTER: FROM 07/04 TO 20/04/2019
Lesson - midday (1 or 2 hours)11:30 to 14:15
FROM 06/01 TO 09/02/2019
FROM 10/03 TO 06/04/2019
FROM 21/04 TO 27/04/2019
Lesson - midday  (1 or 2 hours)From 12:00
WINTER HOLIDAY: FROM 10/02 TO 09/03/2019
Lesson - afternoon (1 hour only)14:00 to 15:00
Private lessons can also be taken on Saturday morning! 
( only 2 hours ).
Lesson - 1 hour 42,00€
Lesson - 2 hours (Except 10/02 to 09/03/2019)84,00€
Lesson - 5 X 1 hour from Monday to Friday
Lesson - 5 X 2 hours from Monday to Friday (Except 10/02 to 09/03/2019)420,00€
Lessons - 6 X 1 hour from Sunday to Friday
Lessons - 6 X 2 hours from Sunday to Friday (Except 10/02 to 09/03/2019)467,00€
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