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whether you can ski or snowboard. Learning never stops. Whatever your level!
PRIVATE LESSONS with ESF are here!

Tailored and adapted lessons to ensure you progress at your pace!

Reap the rewards with a private lesson from ESF in Champagny de Vanoise (for one or two people).
In the discipline of your choice, whether you are a beginner or expert, a friendly ESF instructor will accompany you and adapt the lesson to your needs to enable you to progress at your own pace (fast or slow). Alone or with family or friends, enjoy individualised coaching to really improve and maximise your potential. 

Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
CHRISTMAS: FROM 17/12/21 TO 31/12/21
EASTER: FROM 03/04 TO 16/04/22
Lesson - midday (1 or 2 hours)11:30 to 14:15
 FROM 01/01 TO 05/02/22
 FROM 05/03 TO 02/04/22
 FROM 17/04 TO 23/04/22 
Lesson - midday  (1 or 2 hours)From 12:00
WINTER HOLIDAY: FROM 06/02 TO 04/03/2022
Lesson - afternoon (1 hour only)14:00 to 15:00
Private lessons can also be taken on Saturday morning! 
( 2 hours lessons only )
Lesson - 1 hour 46€
Lesson - 2 hours except winter holidays92€
Lesson - 5 X 1 hour from Monday to Friday230€
Lesson - 5 X 2 hours from Monday to Friday except winter holidays460€
Lessons - 6 X 1 hour from Sunday to Friday except winter holidays250€
Lessons - 6 X 1 hour from Sunday to Friday except winter holidays276€
Lessons - 6 X 2 hours from Sunday to Friday except winter holidays500€