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One board. One challenge. One mountain!
snowboarding lessons that will have you making tracks in no time!

Teenagers love our snowboard lessons!

Snowboard in one of the largest ski areas in the world and learn, progress and have fun in these dynamic group lessons.
Professionalism and friendliness is the perfect mix for you to try or improve in this discipline. With the expert advice from ESF you will soon master the skills and techniques required for snowboarding.
Progress, make friends, have fun and share the achievements as a group and you will really create those beautiful turns and curves, progressing to off piste and jumps when ready.

The ESF Champagny offers group lessons of 6 half days from Sunday to Friday.

  • Champagny area skipass good enough for beginner level.
  • La Plagne area skipass required from 1er snowboard level.
  • Package "lessons + skipass" only for teens registered in level beginners and 1er snowboard (Champagny area skipass is good enough for the beginner level but if you want, you can choose the la Plagne skipass).


CHRISTMAS: FROM 17/12/21 TO 31/12/21
EASTER: FROM 03/04 TO 15/04/22
Afternoon14:15 to 16:45
WINTER HOLIDAY: FROM 06/02 TO 04/03/22
Afternoon15:10 to 17:10
5 or 6 lessons - WITHOUT SKI PASS (Begginer, Snow 1, Snow 2, Snow 3, Snow Expert)
5 or 6 lessons + "CHAMPAGNY" ski pass (only for beginner level)*
288€ to 313€
5 or 6 lessons + "LA PLAGNE" ski pass (only for beginner and 1st snowboard levels)*
333€ to 347€
* (Champagny area skipass is good enough for the beginner level but la Plagne ski pass request for 1st Snow level. People registered in beginner level can take a la Plagne ski pass if they want.
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